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Chronicles 2008/09

Nov. 3rd, 2009 | 09:36 pm
location: Bangalore
mood: calmcalm

1.5 years since my last post.Thats the longest i have been away since i got on here.I din't have much to blog about really. Neither was i debugging vicious "cpu leaks",nor do i have "startup gyaan", neither did i get into stanford nor did i get a vacation to be able to see cheetahs hunting in africa. And most of the other stuff i am upto these days gets described in 140 characters.

A few things happened in the interim though...


The Proposal

In the most dubious manner i ended up asking "Will you spend your life with me?" on yahoo messenger at 3 am on a friday.This barely 6 days after the saturday where we had first seen each other in a common friend's gathering.I liked her.She was simple, sweet, "cute" and she was a SHE.I  immediately checked off all the boxes in my head to make this a viable option.
One thing that yahoo gives you quite generously is pride.So,when you have a guy working in the purple factory trying to make impact on a girl who is aspiring to be in it,it well, makes impact.Atleast an impact strong enough to get the email and the IM id that you so badly need to make more impact.
Creating more impact took 6 days. 6 days of 3 hours of chat every evening about plenty of things.About how becoming purple is not a born trait,rather an acquired trait.About why i was only 26 (and not much older as she had guessed).About my generous offerings to help on her search engine project(in exchange of having to meet once a week to discuss about it).About my religion,caste,creed,sub-creed,sub-sub-creed and long explanations on how it was not too far historically and politically from her sub-sub-creed...(These things matter you know,especially if the girl is parentpecked)
And finally at 3am, when the discussion of search engines threatened to put me to sleep(search engines can be extremely boring to discuss about with a pretty girl, let alone at 3am),i decided to take the plunge.The reaction she decided to give me was a cliche "Never thought in that way.I need time". I surely dint need a "I need time" at 3am.I mean she never thought about what?Never thought that i din't mean search engines? Or that i dint intend to live and die a purple bachelor?
Anyways,she needed 3 days.And 3 days later i got to hear the word that is always the best word to hear from a pretty girl - "Yes".

The First Date
She had a dilemma before our first date.
"Hey,i dont remember your face too well.What if i dont recognise?".
Its a little bewildering to hear such things before you go on your first date.Never mind.
"I ll send you my snap",i beamed ,soon after realizing that i was not  an SRK who could never be said no to by an indian girl. A "no" after a "yes" usually is more painful than a "no" without a "yes".
"Ah, my cute boyfriend".
This time she beamed and i finally released the breath that i had held since those 1.2 Megabytes of my non-SRK-face had started crawling over the wire on to her 56Kbps connection that was gloating over my misery. (A few seconds more,and i had decided to try out-running those bytes and present her with my photo or rather my face.)
So,finally we met (oh, she did recognize me) and  greeted me with -
"Hey,you look exactly like in your picture" like it was the biggest matter of co-incidence she had ever encountered.
"Oh",i said with a contrived smile that tried to convey that i was equally surprised at the impossibility of me looking exactly like me.
We spent the next 8 hours together - in a movie, at a restaurant, in a shopping mall,on the streets and at the end of our first date,i fell in love with her all over again.

The Anniversary
Faster than those 6 days did the first year pass.And soon,i was left with the honour of making our first year anniversary special and memorable.
"Look, i dont know much in this city and i am not a good planner.So YOU make the plan for THE day",she had said.Girls don't mind criticizing themselves and complimenting others when they have a larger good in the waiting.In this case, she was ok with being branded a "bad planner" and more surprisingly accepting me as a "better planner" if she could be treated to a good first anniversary.
I had spent the last 2 days googling and yahoo-ing(now bing-ing) for all possible combinations of "romantic date" , " anniversary date",  " romantic anniversary celebrations" , "first anniversary gift",and had ended up calling 20+ places to live up to my newly discovered reputation of being a good planner. Finally,i settled on one restaurant located at the city outskirts.I called up the staff and outlined the plan.
"It's got to be perfect",i had told the restaurant staff at the end .
"Yes,sir",they had said sensing that i was under immense pressure and in one of those perform or perish situations.
We finally reached at 7pm.The location,the ambience , the music was all purrrfect (purrrfect is the way perfect is pronounced by girls when it is really purrrrfect).I had ordered for a 5 course french meal.The live orchestra played her favorite song.The table had her favorite colored cloth. The flowers in the vase were fresh, in the right number and of the right color(right being defined as her favorite).
"This is just so amazing yaar.Its all straight out of a dream.Its purrrrfect",she said as i could see the staff through the corner of my eyes doing hi-fis for meeting my expectations.
"I knew you are the bestestttt planner",she added with a gleam in her eyes emphasizing how right she was in recognizing that i was the better planner,and how she would invariably leave the honour of doing this every time to me in the future.Girls generally concoct  words like "bestesttt" only when you have really touched them,and the new word is like a medal of honor you are thoughtfully awarded in recognition of your actions.I gleefully accepted this new word that would now be defined with my reference in all dictionaries.
The last course finally arrived at the table and with that my last bit of surprise for the evening. A beautiful heart shaped pink cake,with a dark brown chocolate border had a question inscribed in shining red gothic - "Will you marry me?"
There are some moments in life that you live for and her gratitude filled teary eyes that day made this one such.
For the curious,this time she din't say "yes".In its place was a vigorous vertical nod of the head  that felt like a yes avalanche. The efforts had paid off.I gave myself a pat on the back and exulted being the bestestttt planner.
(To be contd...)

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My World of You...

Apr. 20th, 2008 | 08:36 pm
mood: hopefulhopeful

Like stealing the blue from a splashing sea..
A tinge of green from a youthful tree..
Like picking the orange from the sunset hues..
Crystal white from the morning dews..
You've stolen the heart of a clueless man..
Just seems too good to be true.

Own me girl.. For, in your eyes,i seek refuge.For, in your smile, i always bloom. For, in your words, i find solace.
Own me girl.. For , without You ,i hate to be. For,without you ,there is no Me.For, without you , i would cease to live.
Own me girl.. For , together , we could earn the dime.For, together , we could learn to shine.For ,together,we could win the world.
Own me girl .. For ,Of all the reasons i tell you.There is just one thats really true. And that would be my love for you..

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And then I promised myself...

Feb. 16th, 2007 | 03:37 pm
location: Bangalore
mood: nostalgicnostalgic

Its the stuff that fairy tales are made of.Its got the theme that bestsellers often have playing in the background.Its also one of those things that you always hear happening to your best friends and long for it to happen to you but yet almost always end up cursing the probability theory for the false hopes it brings in.
But yet on Lufthansa LH754 , Frankfurt to Bangalore , almost everything seemed to fall in place..
So then i tucked in my baggage in the overhead compartment and settled down onto 33K (a window seat right next to the emergency exit ,so a double bonus ) totally enjoying the leg space that i thought could easily accommodate an elephant.Passengers continued to board and soon this mid 30s Brit guy (as i inferred from his accent) walked up to my row and put forward an 'Is this the 33 row?' question.So look , when you have a 9 hour long journey and you are traveling alone its really important you have the *correct* person alongside you cause you tend to spend around 6-something hours sleeping and about 2 hours on food and drinks.Now it is that remaining one hour you tend to get restless about.You really don't want a frustrated indian sitting next to you who disturbs the 6 hours you reserve for sleep by talking about why he went to the US and why it totally rocks and why all indians must shun their motherland and move to the west and leave india to be the home of only the tigers and the elephants who dont have it in them to realize what they shall be missing.You really also dont want a person who monitors your eating so closely in those 2 hours , checking if you have the fork and knife in the right hands at the right angles and whether you get the bread cut in a single stroke or struggle to do so so that he can give you the 'Yet another Indian who has table etiquette has his best enemy' look.You really dont want that you know. All you need is someone who can smile at you maybe 3 times in those 60 minutes and ask you maybe a question or two on 'Where you work' or maybe 'Where you studied' or maybe even 'Are you married'.Now,thats a correct person to have next to you on a 9 hour journey.This Brit guy did seem to mostly qualify on all these fronts though expecting him to stretch his facial muscles thrice in 60 minutes could have been an exhibition of generous optimism.
'Yes,it is 33' , I said.
With that he smiled a thank you and did a count of one-two-three and moved on to 36.
A waste of 300 LJ character space for nothing huh?!!!
Now, i have heard of people coming in with a bang (Ganguly came back with a bang kinda things) , but then this next person literally did that almost tripping over her own suitcase and landing on to 33J , the middle seat right next to me.I knew it was a 'her' only coz i had noticed through the corner of my eye these long black strands of hair , covering her eyes and loudly explaining the cause of the crash.Well,it could still be someone like yathin ,but never mind.
Now i turned to the left for reasons i dont know , but over the next few seconds i think i missed doing something really essential (breathing as i soon realized) for there in that 33J seat right next to me was this approximately late 20 indian girl who offered almost the perfect definition of beauty,class,elegance,charm ,grace,....and more that you can think of.You read this here guys !!! If ever you happen to hear of an award given to God's most blessed creation , you would know what i was talking about.
As she adjusted the mirror and tried to perfect the already perfect coat of lipstick,i made a silent promise to myself...

'If i happen to make a conversation over the next 9 hours none of which would now surely go to sleep ,I ll blog about it.'

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Neat read !

Nov. 26th, 2006 | 12:06 pm
mood: calmcalm

Thank you Anna for this :

Dance like nobody's watching,
Sing like nobody's listening,
Love like uve never been hurt,
Live like its heaven on earth!

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I luv my new sony cam !

Nov. 19th, 2006 | 03:47 pm
location: bangalore
mood: accomplishedaccomplished

My first play with photography thanks to my new sony digicam...yayyy !

Sunset at kasauli :

From the plane :

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Delhi again.

Nov. 12th, 2006 | 01:58 pm
mood: amusedamused

Off to Delhi again enroute to Chandigarh. Wonder if anything as *exciting* beckons on the flight as the last time  i had been there.
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Sep. 15th, 2006 | 04:48 pm
mood: blankblank

What does man love more than his life.
Hate more than death or mortal strife.
That which contented men desire.
The poor have and the rich require.
The miser spends and the spendthrift saves.
And all men carry to their graves.

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Which dosa are you?

Aug. 3rd, 2006 | 11:12 am
mood: amusedamused

Pradeep helped me point out that ppl should classify themselves into one of the following 3 categories :

1) Plain dosa : For those who lead a plain dull monotonous life.
2) Masala dosa : for those whose life is pepped with spice.
3) Set dosa : for those who are already 'settled' and happy.

It gets amazing when you can draw comparisons with almost anything and life when you start thinking.
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Travelling back in time.

Jul. 27th, 2006 | 02:38 pm
mood: contemplativecontemplative

Its not often you get to contemplate about life especially *your own* life.Coz that requires taking your mind off what you are doing.And it hardly ever happens that we do nothing.But during one of those glorious moments of nothingness when i got to reflect upon the past,a few things came up .

Rewind to September.2004 :
And 2 days before the data structure lab exams...
"Wow ! I cant imagine you actually helped me compile this bit of code.Man that was tough !!! Do you have any weakness at all in you",she queried.
"Well,i do.And it's you"., I said.
And this time it wasnt planned.Maybe she indeed was my biggest weakness.Someone i could do anything for,let alone compile crappy code.
"Hmmm.i thought i was your strength",she said with a sense of calmness that only women can manage.
Now what was that supposed to mean?! Only god and She could have answered that.

December 2004.
"Wow !!!",she snapped."Topper again?!Thats awesome !!!How i wish i could be like you",she added.
"I hope not",i replied.
"Thats rude ! Why not?",she questioned with authority.
"Coz i cant love myself so much".
And then we quietly trudged back to our classrooms.Maybe thats what i hated most about her.Her reluctance to speak when she ought to the most.Women make men do all the tough part.Not fair !!! I hate women.I hate her.But then i was quick to realize-I loved her more than i hated her.

Feb 2005...a walk in the college campus with a distributed systems exam looming close by.
"Ok !",she said and looked me into the eyes.
I dont know why there was a  brief pause after the sudden 'Ok'
But never mind....
"You gotto explain to me now",she continued.
"Eh? Explain what?.Dont you think its the wrong time to explain distributed systems...I mean i still could,but Tanenbaum has done a great job drafting that book.Especially the 4th chapter where he explains..."
"Stop !"
Had she taken an oath to not let out more than one word a sentence  ?
Never mind...
" Just how much do you love me?".
"Aahh.hmmm...well...wat abt you?",i asked back with a devilish smile.
"I love you *thiiiiiis* much",she emphasized with outstretched hands.
"Now you better tell me !"
I took a moment to hold her hand and say - "A lil more than *that* much"...

March 2006...a telephonic conversation
"Hey", i said.
"Hey",she said in a voice that was so much a part of me sometime back.
Never mind...
"I just called to say...hmmm...its been somtime hasnt it?"
"Well yeah...quite a long time...whats up with you?",she replied back.
"Nothing really...the clock moves on and so does life you know".
"Hmmm.true",she said.
" wat else?"
"Nothin much actually"
"Ok...i ll hang up.Will talk to you later then"
"Hmmm.we dont have anything to talk do we?"
"Do we?",i asked back.
"Ok you carry on...we ll talk later"
"Okies.take care.bye",i said

Sometimes i wonder how different things would have been had we been together today.Maybe not too different.Maybe i would be living life.
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The siberian tigress.

Jul. 12th, 2006 | 10:51 am
mood: calmcalm

Thats abt the prettiest soul on this planet

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